Železná studienka – revitalisation of ponds

Visitors to the popular Železná studienka can relax not only in the pleasant shade of nature, as well as close to ponds filled with water, which also have the effect of cooling the area down. This is a more than welcome feature during hot summer days in the city. The reconstruction of the water-management buildings of the fire protection reservoirs at Železná studienka (No. 3 and 4) was performed by the City of Bratislava as part of the project in association with the Monument Preservation Authority of the SR and the Mestské lesy organisation.

The reconstruction focused on the water-management buildings – the inlet and outlet mechanisms of ponds No. 3 and 4 were renovated or rebuilt in order to sustain their operation and functionality. The renovated buildings will be used to fill the reservoirs, maintain the operating levels therein, as well as regulating the flow into the reservoirs and emptying the reservoirs.

The reconstruction of the monument and protection buildings was preceded by rescue activities. The fish and other aquatic animals were temporarily relocated in other water reservoirs at Železná studienka, prior to draining the reservoirs.