Small Park at Svoradova Street – new public space

The area of today’s small park is one of the last undeveloped areas of the former Pálffy’s Garden. The area had been left unused for a long time. Thanks to its history and location, however, it had the potential to become a space for rest and short-term relaxation for citizens living nearby, as well as other residents.

In December 2014, a planning meeting with the public was called in order to inform on the future revitalisation of the area and to introduce and gather new ideas and opinions of the citizens based on the results of the survey made, as well as to plan the space in association with the citizens. The planning meeting and public discussion and the results of the survey itself led to a rare alignment of opinions on the solution, main function and features of the future public space.

The strategic establishment of public-access greenery areas is and will be immensely important. We can see this trend in cities preparing not only for climate change, but also focusing on their sustainable development. The City of Bratislava is one of these cities.

One of the “mysteries” in this area entails the two round concrete tanks connected via a pump mechanism, as there are no archive data on it available. It is assumed these are water reservoirs from WW2 built as part of civil protection.

New public space – park at Svoradova Street offers:

  • An area of nature in the city

  • an attractive place for short-term relaxation for people of all ages

  • social interaction, community-building, and support for social relationships

  • space for cultural events and rest

  • its historic character and “mystery”

  • helps fulfill environmental and ecological functions in the area and supports biodiversity

  • model rainwater management, retention, rain garden

  • an outdoor “study” and reading room with a WiFi connection

  • cinema, music, theatre, exhibitions, art installations, creative activities