JAMA Sports Park – leisure time park of city-wide importance

JAMA is a large park combining sports, relaxation, leisure time activities, and city greenery, improving life not only in this area but also throughout the city. Its solution is based on a public anonymous architectonic competition.

As far as the construction, covering nearly two hectares is concerned, as well as the funds invested, it represents the biggest project of the Nové Mesto city district and the largest project executed by any city district.

The park is divided into two zones. The games (active) zone is made of viewing piers, sports areas (such as a multifunctional playground), tennis courts, fitness equipment, Parkour sets, ping-pong tables, and city greenery. Enthusiasts of active relaxation can find there a running track, a sports track, a skating rink, and a climbing wall.

The lower (relaxation) zone contains a lake, natural greenery, an open-air theatre, and areas for rest. The new park also contains a café, a summer reading area, a bicycle shop, as well as a concert stage and areas planned for art exhibitions. The park was a complex project, executed in two stages.

The JAMA sports park contains measures for adapting the city environment to climate change. An important aspect of the solution of this leisure time area is the method by which water is managed in the landscape. Rainwater from the paved and green areas is collected by a system of drainage pipes and directed to a new artificial lake, which has an aesthetic, climate control, and water retention function. The lake also serves as the source of the park’s watering system. There are also two wells in the park using the local underground water as a source for watering. The network of channels, soakage elements, and drainage pipes affords efficient water transportation even during heavy rainfall. This method of managing the water in the park is unique in Slovakia.