Gaštanica – a unique park of the city

The goal of the Gaštanica chestnut park renovation is to counter the degradation of its ecosystem, its renewal, stabilization, and the establishment of a green area for relaxation in the city. There were 60 sweet chestnuts (Castanea sativa) in the park, although almost half of them were infected by bark cancer caused by the parasitic fungus Cryphonectria parasitica. 

The primary objective of the Nové Mesto city district was to heal and stabilize the current vegetation of the park as well as planting new trees, contributing to the prevention of soil erosion and wash-out. 

The park is on sloping terrain. Accordingly, the rainwater retention measures contain absorption strips along the contour lines. The rainwater will remain in the area and will not run off onto the roads and properties nearby. The paved roads will be composed of water-permeable concrete, assisting the reduction of water flow, collection of water at severe rainfall, and sewage issues (the sewerage system is unable to cope with excessive water flows). 

As part of the revitalization, the city district created a rest and relaxation zone with benches, a gazebo, a playground for children, outdoor fitness equipment, and a fenced area for walking dogs. There is also an educative path with information boards planned.