Alley and Námestie Slobody square – renovation of the alley and planting new trees 

It is necessary to renovate the alley at Námestie slobody square and revitalise the greenery in the square itself, as most of the woody plants are in poor condition. The new trees were planted in the original tree sites of the alley and in the original rows, in a special substrate, with the option of having artificial watering installed.

When selecting suitable tree types, it was necessary to take into account that there is trolleybus traffic in the area and the tree branches cannot impede the path and endanger the trolley lines. We selected the golden rain tree (Koeleuteria paniculata), which had previously been part of the alley. In total, we planted 53 trees and several perennial plants of periwinkle minor and major in the location, which will have rich foliage. At the same time, the city has planted new greenery and adapted the existing greenery in the square.