Main and Franciscans Squares – planting mature trees

Based on the Principles and Other Factors, the City of Bratislava prepared a proposal for planting mature trees in the Main Square and replacing the trees in Franciscans Square. When planting the trees, historic and architectural monuments were taken into consideration. The trees were positioned in order to respect the urban and architectural and historic values of the area. Among other limiting factors, there were archaeological sites and infrastructure networks, and their respective protection areas.

When selecting suitable types of trees, the stipulation of Section 48 of Act No. 543/2002 Coll. on the protection of nature and landscape was taken into account, which recommends planting indigenous (autochthonic) woody plants as replacements for dead ones. The same requirement was made by the decisions of the Regional Monument Preservation Bureau dated 13 February 2015. For the Main Square, the lime tree was selected, which is a traditional national symbol of the Slavs (as indicated by lime trees at all major, historic, and landscape-forming areas and squares).

Accordingly, we used the small-leaved lime tree (Tilia cordata “Rancho”). One of the smallest lime cultivars, it is a tree with a regular, wide oval and conical, and rich treetop (when young). This cultivar is more suited to a harsh environment than the original botanic type and has a nice, regular, and level form, reaching a height of 8-10 m. We planted 4 trees into specially prepared plantation holes with watering systems.